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Applied Insight’s mission is to inspire the world…one cool thought at a time.

You can treat yourself to all sorts of cool thoughts in the virtual aisles of our online store. We are committed to helping people thrive and to helping organizations create results that matter. We offer inspiring products, an innovative suite of personal and professional development services and events, and membership programs designed to help people live with intention and lean forward into life.

Oh, and we’re fun to work with, too…what’s not to love? Thanks for stopping by…we look forward to inspiring you for years to come!

Our Authors and Artists

Mary Anne Radmacher's art and verses have found their way around the world, calling people to live a more authentic, joyful, and inspired life. Learn more about her work at www.MaryAnneRadmacher.net.

Dr. Deanna Davis is a bestselling author, speaker, and comedienne helping people focus on what matters most and what works best to live a life they love. Learn more about her work at www.DeannaDavis.net.

Marci Moore has spent her life discovering ways to show up with love. She is the author of "Love Letters From Your Life," with co-author Mary Anne Radmacher. Learn more about her work at www.MarciMoore.com.

Dr. Uma Joy
supports holistic healing and artistic expression to help transform lives for health and joy. Learn more about her work at

Liz Kalloch paints, writes, and designs in a turquoise house by the San Francisco Bay where her art translates vision, stories, and dreams into reality. Learn more about her work at

Rick Collar found that his hobby became a driving passion after he retired from business ownership. Learn more about his work by searching his name at www.RickCollar.com.

Kim Boston celebrates the abundance in each day through her photography and words of reflection. A Zen-llike space in the foothills of Mt. Spokane and family are the inspirations for her design. Learn more about her work at www.BCiCreative.com.

Dr. Steve Maraboli
is a life-changing Speaker, bestselling Author, and Behavioral Science Academic whose empowering words have been published worldwide in more than 25 languages. Learn more about his work at www.SteveMaraboli.com.

Sally Graves honors faith, family, and fine art through her watercolor art and calligraphic artistry.