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Love Asks Greeting Card

Life asks, 'What?' Love answers, 'Whatever it takes.' Life asks...

Price: $3.95
Connection Greeting Card

Connection ignites compassion. Compassion invites action.

Price: $3.95
Courageous Love Greeting Card

A single act of courageous love transforms lives.

Price: $3.95
Expressions of Love Greeting Card

Expressions of love multiply exponentially. Thank you for...

Price: $3.95
Change in the World Greeting Card

Change in the world begins with change in our hearts.

Price: $3.95
You Are Nestled Greeting Card

You are nestled deeply in my heart.

Price: $3.95
Let Love Be Greeting Card

Let love be the signature you write on this day.

Price: $3.95
Immerse Yourself Greeting Card

Immerse yourself in the precious blessings of today.

Price: $3.95
The Day Came Greeting Card

And the day came when she cried out to God, 'I can't do this. I don't know how to love this big.' So...

Price: $3.95
Single Act of Kindness Greeting Card

A single act of kindness creates untold ripples of love.

Price: $3.95
Choices Define Us Greeting Card

Choices define us-- choose love.

Price: $3.95
You Give Greeting Card

You give of your heart through the work of your hands. Thank you...

Price: $3.95
Loving Kindness Greeting Card

Treating ourselves with loving kindness fuels us to love more deeply in our larger world

Price: $3.95
Amazing You Greeting Card

You always show up as the boldest, most loving version ofyour already amazing self.

Price: $3.95
Explore the Possibilities Greeting Card

Love never requires we accomplish the impossible - love invites us to explore the possibilities.

Price: $3.95
Magic of You Greeting Card

I celebrate the magic of you and the friendship we share. Every day. Especially this very day!

Price: $3.95
Magnificence Greeting Card

I celebrate the magnificence that is you. I celebrate the way you embrace life.

Price: $3.95
Love Transforms Greeting Card

Love transforms everyday acts of kindness into magic. Thank you for yours.

Price: $3.95
One Cool Thought- Share Package

12 different inspiring messages on 3.5 x 2 inch cards with calls to action on the back to inspire the world... #OneCoolThought at a time!

Price: $8.95